Forestry Land Use

The SCCA approaches its mission to protect biodiversity on the Sunshine Coast through outreach to the public, liaising with municipal, regional and provincial governments and through dialog with First Nations. We also assist members and member groups in achieving their environmental objectives. Whenever governments solicit public involvement, we respond. Wherever biodiversity concerns are raised, we engage.

 In addition to these activities, the SCCA takes proactive steps. To address land use concerns. Over the years we have undertaken three successful judicial reviews of land use management decisions in the BC Supreme Court. We acted as an intervenor in a fourth case where we supported the Sunshine Coast Regional District.  

The SCCA also uses quasi judicial bodies, the independent offices of the legislature; the Forest Practices Board, the Ombudsperson and the Office of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Commissioner to advance our concerns. As well, we have successfully used complaints and appeals to professional and private certification program to resolve disputes over land use decisions. 

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Some other sections of our website cover projects which address Forestry Land Use. Those include:

Marbled Murrelet. Photo by Carl Olsen.
Marbled Murrelet. Photo by Carl Olsen.

Updates on Forestry Land Use

Sunshine Coast Forest Landscape Planning

By Suzanne Senger | 25 November 2023

The BC Ministry of Forests is hosting a series of public engagement events on the Forest Landscape Plan (FLP) Pilot project for the Sunshine Coast Timber Supply Area (TSA). There are three upcoming events to participate in: Campbell River – November 30th, 5:30pm – 8:00pm Thulin Room, Maritime Heritage Centre, 621 Island Highway Powell River, […]

Reed Road Forest in Elphinstone Not on the Chopping Block this Year

By Alison Taylor | 3 July 2023

“As of June 2023, and for the first time in almost a decade, the Elphinstone parcel known as District Lot 1313 is NOT slated for logging in BC Timber Sales’ five year operating plan. This is good news, but we have yet to secure permanent protection for this valuable and biodiverse forest.” Donna McMahon, SCRD Director, Elphinstone

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SCCA and ECA Respond to BCTS Mt. Elphinstone South Hydrology Study

By Suzanne Senger | 28 April 2023

A large portion of BC Timber Sales (BCTS) tenure area on Mt. Elphinstone is in the Mountain Block recharge area of two prolific aquifers (560 & 552).  These aquifers supplement Sunshine Coast’s primary drinking water system. As climate change wreaks havoc on the Chapman Creek Watershed, our community is relying more and more on these […]

Sunshine Coast Timber Supply Review – Old Paradigm. No Shift.

By Suzanne Senger | 11 April 2023

BC’s Chief Forester will soon decide an Annual Allowable Cut (AAC) for the Sunshine Coast Natural Resource District (SCNRD). The AAC determines how much logging can occur in the Timber Harvest Land Base (THLB) on the Sunshine Coast over the next ten years. NOTE: The THLB represents 160,000 hecatres of public forested land, but it is NOT the only place […]

Premier Commits BC to 30×30

By Suzanne Senger | 7 December 2022

Breaking News! The Government of BC has just taken major action on conservation by protecting 30% of lands by 2030 and advancing Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs). This crucial direction was set through the mandate letter from the Premier to the new Minister of Water, Land and Resource Stewardship, Nathan Cullen, and makes BC […]

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