Forestry Land Use

The SCCA approaches its mission to protect biodiversity on the Sunshine Coast through outreach to the public, liaising with municipal, regional and provincial governments and through dialog with First Nations. We also assist members and member groups in achieving their environmental objectives. Whenever governments solicit public involvement, we respond. Wherever biodiversity concerns are raised, we engage.

 In addition to these activities, the SCCA takes proactive steps. To address land use concerns. Over the years we have undertaken three successful judicial reviews of land use management decisions in the BC Supreme Court. We acted as an intervenor in a fourth case where we supported the Sunshine Coast Regional District.  

The SCCA also uses quasi judicial bodies, the independent offices of the legislature; the Forest Practices Board, the Ombudsperson and the Office of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Commissioner to advance our concerns. As well, we have successfully used complaints and appeals to professional and private certification program to resolve disputes over land use decisions. 

Related Information

Some other sections of our website cover projects which address Forestry Land Use. Those include:

Marbled Murrelet. Photo by Carl Olsen.
Marbled Murrelet. Photo by Carl Olsen.
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