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Board of Directors

Lee Ann Johnson, Chair

Lee Ann Johnson brings a lifelong commitment to the preservation of wild places and sustainable human settlement practices to the SCCA. She has several decades of experience in land-use planning, as a developer of non-profit co-op and rental housing in Victoria and the BC Lower Mainland, as a Municipal Councillor in Gibsons for three terms, and as an Alternate Director at the SCRD. She has served on the Executive of many non-profit Boards, developed and taught workshops on various non-profit organizational topics, and was a Library trustee for eight years. Since climbing Mt. Olympus in Washington at the age of 15, she has persistently worked in many volunteer capacities to encourage and support both individuals and groups in honouring relationships with the natural world and a sustainable human presence within it.

Mary Louise Hendry, Secretary

Mary Louise lived on the Sunshine Coast from 2015 to 2020 and has now moved back to Vancouver Island where her son lives.  While on the Sunshine Coast Mary Louise volunteered with Hospice, the Green Party, Community Services’ Bellies and Babies and Parent and Tot programs and was an ESL tutor, as well as serving on the SCCA Board as Secretary and as volunteer coordinator.  Mary Louise has a B.A. in Political Science, a graduate diploma in International Development and an M.A. in Canadian and Women’s Studies.  She was formerly an MP’s Assistant at the House of Commons where she worked for a time with Jim Fulton, Environment critic for the NDP who later became the first Executive Director of the David Suzuki Foundation.  Mary Louise volunteered on Elizabeth May’s first and subsequent campaigns in Saanich Gulf Islands and for a time drafted correspondence and processed donations for Ms. May. 

Dan Bouman, Director

Dan grew up hunting, fishing and bird watching. In 1969 he graduated from Grand Valley State College in Allendale, Michigan with a Bachelor’s degree in biology and went on to complete an internship at the Butterworth Hospital School of Medical Technology. After a few years of working in clinics and one incredible summer touring remote BC with a mobile medical clinic, Dan moved up to Narrows Inlet to work a cedar claim. Subsequently he got involved in the tree planting industry, eventually earning provincial certification as a silvicultural surveyor. Dan says “My life changed radically again when I began working with the Tetrahedron Alliance for the purpose of creating a Class A Park over the Tetrahedron plateau and the upper Chapman Creek Watershed”. The park was designated in 1994. 

Dan was one of the founding members of the SCCA in 1996 and was also a founding member of the SC Water First Society. Dan was the SCCA’s Executive Director from 1999 until 2011 when he resigned to serve on Gibsons Town Council.  Dan is also the current Chair of the Friends of Gospel Rock Society. Dan says “I’m so grateful that the SCCA is such a good home for an extended family of people who want to effectively pursue environmental protections”.

Bill Wareham, Director

Bill holds a B.Sc. in Zoology and an MBA and has worked in the environmental non-profit sector for thirty years. He has worked with the David Suzuki Foundation since 2002. He was a founding member of the SeaChoice program, established to promote sustainable seafood procurement in the Canadian marketplace. Bill previously worked as Executive Director of the Sierra Club of BC and has over 17 years of experience working on terrestrial and marine conservation issues, aquaculture, and fisheries management issues. Bill played an active role in promoting improvement to a wide range of environmental policies, and has represented the environmental sector in many multi-stakeholder processes. Bill has worked with many coalitions and community groups to support local activism for the environment. Bill has lived in Gibsons for the past 25 years with his wife Karen and his two daughters.

Lois Thomson, Director

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Richard Carton, Director

Richard’s love of nature was triggered by childhood visits to Parry Sound, ON, where he was inspired by the beauty of Georgian Bay and the Canadian Shield. His preoccupation with athletics led him to Western University (BA, Physical Education) and the University of BC (MPE, Sport Sciences). After a few years of working as a fitness consultant, Richard landed on the Sunshine Coast in 1983 as a leader in the national youth program, Katimavik. He went on to complete a Bachelor of Education degree and spent two decades teaching elementary school. Richard has served in a number of roles for the SCCA and also volunteers seasonally for the Salvation Army.


Suzanne Senger, Executive Director

Suzanne joined the SCCA as a volunteer in 2007, playing a key role in SCCA efforts to protect old growth forests in the Chapman Creek watershed. Since then, Suzanne has supported many of the SCCA’s campaigns and projects in a variety of ways, including as a Board Director and Treasurer from 2017-2020. Suzanne has held a number of leadership positions with local and regional non-profit groups focused on conservation. Suzanne has helped found and guide the Howe Sound Biosphere Region Initiative (2016-2020), led the Gibsons Alliance of Business and Community Society (2008-2020) and has served as a Director of the Friends of Gospel Rock Society since 2008. From 2013-2020, Suzanne worked as a Campaigns Director with BC Spaces for Nature, a cutting edge non-profit specializing in development and implementation of large scale conservation strategies in BC. Committed to "being the change” and inspired by a deep love of the natural world, Suzanne is keen to share her skills, experience and passion working with the SCCA to protect biodiversity on the Sunshine Coast. 

Holly Neate, Administrator

Holly is originally from Victoria and has lived on the Sunshine Coast for over a year, working closely with the shíshálh Nation in youth services. Her academic and professional background is in science education, with a strong focus on ocean literacy. She has volunteered on the Board of the Canadian Network for Ocean Education and Northwest Aquatic and Marine Educators, which has given Holly experience in project planning, fundraising, and networking with individuals and organizations across the country. She is honoured to be a part of the SCCA community working in pursuit of conservation on the Sunshine Coast.



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