Love Our Oceans

The mission of the SCCA is to seek protection for lands and waters of significance to the preservation of biological diversity and to undertake public education about the importance of preserving and enhancing biological diversity.

Our work applies to both saltwater and freshwater marine ecosystems, including nearshore and shoreline habitats/ecological communities that border the greater Sunshine Coast region.

What's At Stake

Those of us who aren't scuba divers may not be aware of the abundant ecosystems under the ocean surface around the Sunshine Coast.

Watch the beautiful short video Life Beneath the Surface on YouTube, to experience this stunning world, that needs our protection. It's bound to inspire you!

Sunshine Coast Ocean Festival

Every year on June 8th - the United Nations' World Oceans Day -  people around the world celebrate the many ways the world's oceans benefit our lives. That week, the SCCA hosts an annual Sunshine Coast Ocean Festival, in collaboration with Rhizome UP! Media and the Green Film Series.

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What We've Achieved So Far

Learn about the Salish Sea Symposium 2024!

13 May 2024

On January 23-24, the SCCA attended the 2024 Salish Sea Symposium, held at the Vancouver Convention Center. This year’s symposium hosted 13 different seminars over the two days, addressing various topics from shipping traffic to clam garden restorations. Read more!

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

7 May 2024

Join SCCA on Saturday, September 10th while we participate in the shoreline cleanup at Davis Bay.  Last year more than 47,000 Canadians picked up 98,000 kg of litter!  Let’s see if we can help to do even better this year. The clean up will occur from 10am – 4pm.  We’re hoping that volunteers can sign […]

Shorelines: More Than Just a Pretty Beach

7 May 2024

On September 6, the Friends of Forage Fish is sponsoring an afternoon workshop at the Sunshine Coast Regional District. The title–
Shorelines: More than just a pretty beach–sums it up. Participants will learn about sensitive shoreline habitats on the Sunshine Coast, including spawning beaches and eel grass beds, their importance to forage fish, and various measures […]

Challenging Woodfibre LNG and Fortis BC

18 October 2023

The SCCA has partnered up with My Sea to Sky Society to challenge project approvals for the Woodfibre LNG Project.  Standing up for species at risk Earlier this year, federal environment Minister, Steven Guilbeault amended the 2018 Federal Decision Statement to allow Woodfibre LNG to reduce the monitoring area for seals and sea lions by […]

World Oceans Day Festival is Online

15 June 2023

Our 2023 Sunshine Coast World Oceans Day Festival celebrated the incredible work being done to enhance and protect marine biodiversity. On the Festival website, you can listen to recordings of all the Nemo talks and view our curated collection of marine focused Feature Films and short videos. We’ve also compiled a list of ways you can stay connected and Take Action on marine conservation.

Read More

June 8, 2023: uncharted waters

4 June 2023

Join us on World Oceans Day for a celebration of the conservation and restoration work in Howe Sound In the film screening uncharted waters, and with a guest from the Marine Stewardship Initiative we will explore the Átl’ḵa7tsem/Howe Sound Community Mapand the Marine Reference Guide. We will view some video of the Átl’ḵa7tsem/Howe Sound UNESCO […]

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