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Who We Are

We're an association of individuals and groups dedicated to protecting the biodiversity and integrity of the Sunshine Coast for all time. Our work is carried out by a small paid team and dozens of volunteers.

Our Goals

We endeavour to conserve lands and marine areas – from Howe Sound to Bute Inlet – in their natural states and to protect ecological values and restore biodiversity throughout the Sunshine Coast Natural Resource District.

What We Do

We engage in research, educational outreach, and advocacy activities, holding decision makers to account and encouraging government to protect biodiversity and ecosystems. We also assist member groups with their objectives.

Latest News


Rare Forest Protected on Gospel Rock

After more than 35 years of community, non-profit, and local government effort, 16.6 acres of rare and sensitive forests on "Gospel Rock” are now permanently protected.


The SCCA is pleased to announce the registration of a conservation covenant protecting one of the most spectacularly beautiful and ecologically sensitive places on the Sunshine Coast: Gospel Rock. Overlooking Atl’ka7tsem Howe Sound and the Salish Sea at the southwestern edge of the Town of Gibsons, the scenic bluff of Gospel Rock is home to the last stretch of natural waterfront  in the municipality. Located within the unceded territory of the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Úxwumixw, Gospel Rock is found within the Coastal Western Hemlock Biogeoclimatic Zone (CWHxm), one of the most highly disturbed groups of ecosystems in British Columbia.

Land Covenants


Protecting Biodiversity

A conservation covenant is a voluntary, legal agreement between a landowner and a conservation organization where the landowner promises to protect ecological values on the land. Covenant agreements are attached to the property title and stay with the land forever, regardless of who owns it.

This allows property owners to secure natural values for biodiversity, natural asset management, and enjoyment of nature. Financial benefits may include tax receipts, reduced land value and property taxation. Conservation organizations agree to monitor the land and ensure that the intentions and objectives of the covenant are maintained.

As a registered member of BC Land Trust, the SCCA partners in holding and developing conservation covenants for Cliff Gilker Park, Mt Artaban Nature Reserve, Long Bay Nature Reserve and Brigade Bay Bluffs Nature Reserve on Gambier Island, Sandy Beach on Keats Island, Rainfrog Sanctuary in Roberts Creek and Gospel Rock in Gibsons.

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Biodiversity Hero

Gertrude by HG sign

Gertrude Pacific
Working Hard for Forest Protection

Sechelt Groves is a popular outdoor sanctuary on the Sunshine Coast. Residents and tourists enjoy walking its well-maintained and clearly marked trails, marvelling at enormous trees, appreciating the beauty of its rich flora, fauna, rock formations and seasonal streams.

The protection of natural areas is essential but rarely easy. It requires vision, courage and hard work. Many people have contributed to the development of Sechelt Groves. Gertrude Pacific got the ball rolling. Her dedication and creativity inspired others to become involved. But that is just one part of Gertrude’s remarkable story.

(Know a biodiversity hero who deserves to be recognized here? Contact us!)

SCCA Attends Ocean Protection Plan Forum

The Ocean Protection Plan (OPP) Pacific Dialogue Forum was held virtually from February 1-4, 2022. The OPP was first announced by the federal government in 2016 with the intent to create a world-class marine safety program in the next five years. The plan also included ongoing collaboration with First Nations communities and protection and rehabilitation of Canada’s marine ecosystems, all of which is pinned on better science-based evidence. The lead departments are Transport Canada (TC), the Canadian Coast Guard, Fisheries & Oceans Canada (DFO), and Environment & Climate Change Canada. 

In the introduction to the Forum, TC Executive Director, Trevor Heryet, reported that Canada has now reached the status of world leader in marine safety, most notably due to the collaborations with First Nations as a result of the OPP. There will be a follow-up to the OPP - Phase II with a budget as outlined in the Ministerial Letters to TC & DFO by the Prime Minister following the 2021 election. 

Dianne Sanford and Angela Kroning were able to attend the event and hear of the progress made in many of the initiatives that support Heryet’s assertion. Summaries and conclusions reached by the attendees will be detailed in an upcoming report to be posted shortly.

What YOU can do Today to Make a Difference


Old-Growth Logging

The B.C. government is currently discussing additional old-growth logging deferrals. With only a fraction of old-growth forests with big, old trees remaining in B.C., it’s urgent you contact your MLA today to let them know how important it is to protect these endangered ecosystems.

Join a Climate Focus Group

Make a difference in climate messaging and campaigning by signing up to join a Climate Focus Group, held by West Coast Environmental Law.

CPAWS-BC Petition

CPAWS-BC has created a petition calling on the BC government to ensure that all “Protected and Conserved Areas” truly protect nature and biodiversity. Sign the Petition


Support Local Conservation

Donations fund our research and advocacy activities.

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