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Who We Are

We're an association of individuals and groups dedicated to protecting the biodiversity and integrity of the Sunshine Coast for all time. Our work is carried out by a small paid team and dozens of volunteers.

Our Goals

We endeavour to conserve lands and marine areas – from Howe Sound to Bute Inlet – in their natural states and to protect ecological values and restore biodiversity throughout the Sunshine Coast Natural Resource District.

What We Do

We engage in research, educational outreach, and advocacy activities, holding decision makers to account and encouraging government to protect biodiversity and ecosystems. We also assist member groups with their objectives.

Latest News

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Local Elections Candidates' Views on Environmental Issues

Since 2011, the SCCA has provided all candidates engagement opportunities for Sunshine Coast Voters to hear from candidates on environmental issues.

This year, we partnered with Alliance 4 Democracy and the Sunshine Coast Climate Action Network to engage the candidates with written Q&A and virtual all candidates meetings (by Zoom).

We strongly encourage all citizens to engage in the electoral process, to learn where your candidates stand on the critical issues facing our community, future generations and all life on earth.

You can watch recordings from all the meetings we hosted this year and read the candidates' answers to our questions. Use the button below to access that information.

Land Covenants


Protecting Biodiversity

A conservation covenant is a voluntary, legal agreement between a landowner and a conservation organization where the landowner promises to protect ecological values on the land. Covenant agreements are attached to the property title and stay with the land forever, regardless of who owns it.

This allows property owners to secure natural values for biodiversity, natural asset management, and enjoyment of nature. Financial benefits may include tax receipts, reduced land value and property taxat. Conservation organizations agree to monitor the land and ensure that the intentions and objectives of a covenant are maintained.

As a registered member of BC Land Trust, the SCCA partners in holding and developing conservation covenants for Cliff Gilker Park, Mt Artaban Nature Reserve, Long Bay Nature Reserve and Brigade Bay Bluffs Nature Reserve on Gambier Island, Sandy Beach on Keats Island, Rainfrog Sanctuary in Roberts Creek and Gospel Rock in Gibsons.

Are you passionate about biodiversity?

Volunteer with Us!

There are many ways you can leave your mark.

Biodiversity Hero


Paul Harris Jones
Marbled Murrelet Protector

Paul Jones has had a special relationship with birds ever since his childhood days in India. He has been a leader in the local campaign to protect marbled murrelets. In 1993 Paul's team discovered an active nest in the Caren Range, the oldest closed-canopy temperate rain forest in Canada. Further sightings led to the creation of Spipiyus Provincial Park. Spipiyus is the shíshálh name for the murrelets, which are revered in many coastal First Nations communities. Old-growth logging, climate change and other factors continue to put the survival of the species at risk. Paul continues to advocate for the murrelets through a proposed Jervis Inlet Biosphere Conservation Area.

(Know a biodiversity hero who deserves to be recognized here? Contact us!)

Tetrahedron Provincial Park near Sechelt, Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada. Beautiful Aerial view of Canadian Mountain Landscape during a sunny summer morning.

After a cool, wet spring, and a moderately hot summer, Chapman Lake is running extremely dry. Apparently, the rate at which the lake (the Coast's primary water source) has been drawn down over the last month is unprecedented. And it's not clear why.

SCRD users in the Chapman System have been on Stage 4 Water Restrictions since August 31 and the SCRD has been siphoning the Chapman for weeks. Its now seeking a permit to deploy a second siphon on Edwards Lake.

The Church Road Well is set to come online this fall but we are not out of the woods yet. At the current rate of consumption, the second siphon will only buy us 16 days of water use.

For the next few weeks Chapman System users will need to conserve as much water as possible to get us through until the rains come.

What YOU can do Today to Make a Difference


Sue Big Oil

For decades, oil and gas corporations have known that burning fossil fuels is causing climate change. But they lied about it. The SCCA is teaming up with regional partners to enlist local government support to Sue Big Oil. Add your voice by signing the petition!

Federal Riding Boundary

The Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission is currently proposing to redraw boundary of the West Vancouver-Sea to Sky-Sunshine Coast Riding. Submissions must be emailed to the Commission by October 3, 2022.

Oil & Gas Emissions Cap

Use this Action Tool to tell the federal government you support establishing a cap on oil and gas sector emissions.

Local Government Climate and Water Projects

Register now to engage with the SCRD on its Water Strategy and Community Climate Action Plan.


Support Local Conservation

Donations fund our research and advocacy activities.

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