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Who We Are

We're an association of individuals and groups dedicated to protecting the biodiversity and integrity of the Sunshine Coast for all time. Our work is carried out by a small paid team and dozens of volunteers.

Our Goals

We endeavour to conserve lands and marine areas – from Howe Sound to Bute Inlet – in their natural states and to protect ecological values and restore biodiversity throughout the Sunshine Coast Natural Resource District.

What We Do

We engage in research, educational outreach, and advocacy activities, holding decision makers to account and encouraging government to protect biodiversity and ecosystems. We also assist member groups with their objectives.

Latest News

Drinking Water

Drought and Drinking Water

Diversification of drinking water sources, protection of source area ecosystems, and environmental flows are crucial for the long-term sustainability of the local drinking water system.

A week after the IPCC declared Climate Code Red, nearly half the population of the Sunshine Coast is on Stage 4 Water restrictions and wondering if/when a Stage 5 water emergency may be declared.

The SCCA has a long history working together effectively with First Nations, governments, NGO allies and community to protect and maintain drinking water sources areas on the coast.

Since our first campaign to successfully protect the headwaters of the Chapman Creek Watershed, we’ve worked consistently to protect the public’s right to control activity in our watersheds and manage them to provide safe, clean drinking water.

Land Covenants


Protecting Biodiversity

A conservation covenant is a voluntary, legal agreement between a landowner and a conservation organization where the landowner promises to protect ecological values on the land. Covenant agreements are attached to the property title and stay with the land forever, regardless of who owns it.

This allows property owners to secure natural values for biodiversity, natural asset management and enjoyment of nature. Financial benefits may include tax receipts and reduced land value and property taxation. Conservation organizations agree to monitor the land and ensure that the intentions and objectives of the covenant are maintained.

As a registered member of BC Land Trust, the SCCA partners in holding and developing conservation covenants for Cliff Gilker Park, Mt Artaban Nature Reserve, Long Bay Nature Reserve and Brigade Bay Bluffs Nature Reserve on Gambier Island, Sandy Beach on Keats Island, Rainfrog Sanctuary in Roberts Creek and Gospel Rock in Gibsons.

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Biodiversity Hero


Cody Kelso
A 10-Year-Old Making a Difference

"Think globally and act locally" has long been a mantra for people who might otherwise feel powerless to change the world. It requires both a knowledge of the problem and an action plan that can produce tangible results.

Ten-year-old Cody Kelso and his mother, Megan, did their part to increase awareness about climate change by completing a walk-a-thon earlier this year. They also raised $30,000 which will help to finance two environmental initiatives.

(Know a biodiversity hero who deserves to be recognized here? Contact us!)

What Happens Next, after Unapproved Logging in Gospel Rock?


On December 31st, 2020 the SCCA was informed by citizens of Gibsons that a large area of protected forest had been cut down in the sensitive ecological area on Gospel Rock, Block 7. The cutting took place in violation of local government bylaws and permits. Consequently, the Town of Gibsons issued a Stop Work Order for this site on December 21. 

The SCCA and our partners at The Land Conservancy (TLC) have since engaged the property owner and the Town of Gibsons to determine how the unauthorized tree cutting affected the sensitive area and how to ensure ecological values are maintained on Block 7 moving forward. 

We are working through these and other final questions and issues with all parties. We expect to have a final covenant agreement signed by the end of the summer. 

What you can do Today to Make a Difference

Protect Our Aquifer

BC Timber Sales (BCTS) 2021 to 2025 Sunshine Coast Operating Plans include large cut blocks within the Gibsons/SCRD aquifer recharge areas on Mount Elphinstone. These forests provide the scenic backdrop to the Town of Gibsons and sustain a critical drinking water source area for the Sunshine Coast. This area should be OFF LIMITS for all logging.

Send this email to BCTS

Save Old Growth!

In October 2020 the provincial government promised to undertake a paradigm shift in forestry practices and defer logging of at risk ancient forests, while it overhauls forest practices in BC.  Since then, the government has stalled on taking real action to defer logging of ancient forests.

My Sea to Sky has created an online letter asking the provincial government to enact an immediate moratorium on old growth logging throughout BC, while they implement the 14 recommendations of the Old Growth Review Panel, and oversee a paradigm shift in forest practices in British Columbia.

Sign the Sea to Sky Letter


Support Local Conservation

Donations fund our research and advocacy activities.

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