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Gospel Rock: Spectacular and at Risk

Gospel Rock is a rocky bluff looking over Howe Sound and Georgia Strait, just north of the town of Gibsons. It is one of the most spectacularly beautiful and ecologically sensitive places on the entire Sunshine Coast, and is home to the last stretch of natural waterfront within the Town of Gibsons.

Trees over a century and a half old stand in the mature dryland Douglas Fir-Arbutus forest which stretches from the upper bluffs down to the shoreline.

This type of forest grows exactly where people want to work and live - in sunny areas near the shoreline. As a result, almost all the stands like it on the Sunshine Coast have been logged and developed. Gospel Rock is one of only a couple of small parcels like this that remain between Gibsons and Pender Harbour.

The SCCA advocates to preserve Gospel Rock in its natural state.

Gospel Rock, Sunshine Coast, BC, photographed by Carl Olsen.
Gospel Rock, Sunshine Coast, BC, photographed by Carl Olsen.

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A View from Gospel Rock. Photograph by Sarama.
A View from Gospel Rock. Photograph by Sarama.

Why Protecting Gospel Rock Matters

Sunshine Coasters have known in their hearts for generations that the Gospel Rock area is special. Currently available scientific information, provided through the Province's Conservation Framework, strongly supports this widely held point of view.

The land in the Gospel Rock Neighbourhood Plan area is within the Coastal Western Hemlock very-dry maritime biogeoclimatic subzone;. one of the most heavily disturbed ecosystems in the lower mainland and along the coast, second only to the Coastal Douglas Fir moist maritime.

Approximately 8% of this type of subzone occurring on Crown land in the Sunshine Coast Regional District has been protected. Less than half of this land is in old growth condition, due to the history of human settlement and industrial, agricultural and forestry-related uses.

The particular site type of the standing forests above and below Gower Point Road is naturally rare. The Province recognizes these stands as Imperiled and Imperiled to Vulnerable.

Updates on Gospel Rock

Unsanctioned Logging at Gospel Rock

26 March 2021

On December 31st, 2020 the SCCA was informed by citizens of Gibsons that trees had been cut down in the sensitive forest area on Gospel Rock, Block 7. We walked the property on January 2nd and 3rd, 2021 and documented a freshly cut swath of the sensitive ecosystem along the eastern edge of the property. …

Unsanctioned Logging at Gospel Rock Read More

Gospel Rock Covenant

8 June 2020

The SCCA has worked in partnership with the Friends of Gospel Rock Society (FOGRS) to secure protection of ecologically rare and sensitive lands in the Gospel Rock Neighbour Area since 2004. In 2013, The Town of Gibsons adopted the Gospel Rock Neighbourhood Plan, which outlined its commitment to protect over 47% of Block 7, a …

Gospel Rock Covenant Read More

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