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BC Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health Framework

Deadline January 31, 2024

The BC government is seeking feedback on the BC Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health Framework. The framework will curb biodiversity loss and protect ecosystem resilience in BC, for future generations.

The draft framework has some great elements to it but it could be stronger. We are also concerned that it could be watered down and government may not fully deliver on its promise to create a STRONG Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health Act, if we don't make it very clear that this is what we expect.

Our Friends at Sierra Club BC have created a letter writing tool and an excellent letter that you can easily click and send to the let the government know you support a strong law to protect biodiversity.

Or, if you prefer to send a message directly to government, with your thoughts, both Ancient Forest Alliance and West Coast Environmental Law have also created  tools to help you craft and send a letter.

Thank you for taking action to protect biodiversity!

Woodfibre LNG and Fortis BC Legal Challenge

In 2023 the federal government approved an application by Woodfibre LNG to amend their environmental permits. This approval undermines protective conditions put in place to safeguard species at risk and the marine environment. On top of that, the BC Energy Regulator has just issued a “temporary” permit to allow FortisBC to discharge effluent into the Squamish River to “enable construction timelines” to develop a pipeline to deliver natural gas to the WFLNG site. In response, the SCCA has partnered with My Sea to Sky Society to legally challenge these project approvals.


Protect Our Aquifer

BC Timber Sales (BCTS) Sunshine Coast Operating Plans continue to include large cut blocks within the Gibsons/SCRD aquifer recharge areas on Mount Elphinstone. These forests sustain critical drinking water source areas for the Sunshine Coast. This area should be OFF LIMITS for all logging. The SCCA, SCRD and Town of Gibsons have repeatedly asked BCTS to stop planning cut blocks in our aquifer watersheds. Please help us amplify this message to BCTS by adding your voice.

Sue Big Oil

For decades, oil and gas corporations have known that burning fossil fuels is causing climate change. But they lied about it. The SCCA is teaming up with regional partners as part of the Sunshine Coast Sue Big Oil coalition, to enlist local government support to Sue Big Oil.

Save Old Growth!

In October 2020 the provincial government promised to undertake a paradigm shift in forestry practices and defer logging of at risk ancient forests, while it overhauls forest practices in BC.  Since then, the government has stalled on taking real action to defer logging of ancient forests.

My Sea to Sky has created an online letter asking the provincial government to enact an immediate moratorium on old growth logging throughout BC, while they implement the 14 recommendations of the Old Growth Review Panel, and oversee a paradigm shift in forest practices in British Columbia. This is a quick way to get your message to the Premier, the provincial Minister of Forests, and the federal Minister of State for Lands and Natural Resource Operations. Here is Sea to Sky's invitation to you to get involved:

"Urgent! Our ancient forest ecosystems are at risk!

Call for an immediate moratorium on old growth logging while the 14 recommendations of the Old Growth Review Panel are implemented.

In 2020 the Old Growth Review Panel called for a paradigm shift in how we manage BC's forests. We need to recognize that ancient forests have intrinsic value for all living things and should be managed for ecosystem health, not just for timber sales.

We cannot talk and log. Less than three percent of BC's ancient trees are left. Once these ancient forest ecosystems are gone, they're gone forever."

Sierra Club BC Letter

Sierra Club BC has prepared a letter that you can sign. It only takes a few moments of your time. Here is their invitation:

"Thanks to public outcry about how little old-growth forest remains in B.C., the provincial government has committed to a paradigm shift in how forests are managed. This task is one of the ‘to do’ items for forests minister, Katrine Conroy. This task required leadership from day one. And so far, instead of tangible on-the-ground action to protect old-growth forests, we have seen this government continue to ‘talk and log’ the last of the big old trees.

Please add your voice today to make sure B.C.’s forests minister, Katrine Conroy, walks the talk of protecting at-risk old-growth forests by implementing and fully funding all 14 recommendations made by the Old Growth Strategic Review Panel—a blueprint for working with Indigenous governments to protect these culturally and ecologically significant forests within three years."

Love Our Oceans!

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup is a national conservation program that provides Canadians the opportunity to take action in their communities wherever water meets land, one bit of trash at a time.

Usually, these cleanups are organized for a large group of people to meet at a particular location, on a scheduled date and time. Because of COVID-19, cleanups may look different in 2021 than they have in the past.

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