Lush rainforest in the Cathedral Grove on Vancouver Island, Canada.


Volunteers are always needed in a member based non-profits like ours. Whatever your skills or background, as long as you care about protecting the environment, we can certainly use your help.

Below are a few current opportunities, but this is by no means a complete list.


Current Volunteer Opportunities

The SCCA is always looking for people to help plan and put on events - everything from informal get-togethers to nature walks; from all candidates meetings to celebrations and our week-long World Oceans Day Festival. We host a range of events that we would we'd love your help with!

Outreach Booths
The SCCA hosts educational booths at a variety of venues across the Sunshine Coast from April through October. If you like spending time outside with like minded conservationists, and engaging the public around local environmental issues, please come join us at our booths!

For more information about how you may get involved, please email our volunteer coordinator at

Do you love online research and/or writing about conservation issues? Our team is always happy to have support with research and writing to help us get the word out; to inform, educate and empower members and supporters to help protect biodiversity.

Campaign Working Groups
We host a number of campaign and project Working Groups committed to implementing conservation strategies. We are currently looking for volunteers with expertise in forest ecology, hydrogeology, biology, GIS mapping and climate modelling to support our conservation strategies.

For more information about current campaigns, programs, research and writing opportunities, please contact us at

Articles Mentioning Volunteer Opportunities

The articles below each mention opportunities to engage in volunteer work with the Sunshine Coast Conservation Association. Come collaborate with us on the important work for preserving biodiversity on the Sunshine Coast for future generations!

There are currently no posts which mention current or upcoming volunteer opportunities. Please Contact Us to express your interest.

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