Educational Resources

You'll find information throughout this website about the biodiversity on the Sunshine Coast, and what you can do to protect it. Here are some great places to start:

The People's Water:  The Fight for the Sunshine Coast's Drinking Watersheds

Daniel Bouman and Andrew Scott have compiled in one volume the story of all the things Sunshine Coasters have done over many years to protect our most valuable and important environmental asset: drinking water!

Here's a teaser: Chapter 7 - The Summer of 07. We hope you enjoy this episode of recent history and maybe... even see yourself in this wonderful story of citizen engagement and advocacy. Learn more about the book here, including how to get yourself a copy!

We'd like to thank the Vancouver Foundation for their generous support with this project.

Watersheds and our Water Supply

The SCCA has created an educational resource on community watersheds systems, cycles and sources on the lower sunshine coast. As well as solutions for protecting and sustaining them.  This program supports many SCCA watered protection projects and aims to inform and engage community members. 

View the Program Here

Understanding Biodiversity in Coastal Forested Landscapes

The SCCA has created an educational resource about the need for conservation in forested ecosystems in the greater Sunshine Coast region. Participants work to determine how much land needs to be protected and where this protection needs to be applied in order to reach a target goal.

This presentation, funded by Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC), is part of the educational component of our Habitat Area Nomination Project (HANP). With the help of concept illustrations, bite-size articles, stunning photos, and a variety of specialized maps, we hope this resource will be applicable to school students as well as adults.

The purpose of this program is to inform and empower people to pursue biodiversity protection in whichever circumstance they find appropriate. Most of all, we hope you enjoy the show!

View the Presentation

Life Beneath the Surface

The SCCA Marine Committee is proud to present the "Life Beneath the Surface" with support from the District of Sechelt. This video is designed to highlight and celebrate the incredible diversity of marine life found in our own "backyard" on the Sunshine Coast. This underwater tour is filmed in ?alhtulich (Sechelt Inlet) and the Salish Sea, which is within the traditional and unceded territory of the shishalh Nation. Video production by Geoff Grognet of Aquatic HD Productions.

Watch this Short Video

Maps of the Sunshine Coast

We've collected a number of maps on this website, which show important areas of biodiversity on the Sunshine Coast. These include:

More Maps

You'll find these informative maps on other websites:


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