About the Sunshine Coast Conservation Association (SCCA)

Formed in 1997, the Sunshine Coast Conservation Association (SCCA) is a registered non-profit charity volunteer association. We represent local conservation and community groups, and individual members working together to protect biodiversity on the Sunshine Coast.

Our work extends throughout the Sunshine Coast Forest District, which includes 2 million hectares of coastal temperate rainforest, as well as the coastal marine ecosystems surrounding the mainland and nearby islands, like Texada Island.

In order to achieve our goals, we work collaboratively with all levels of government, organizations, and individuals to host forums and events, undertake research and analysis, publish educational materials, and engage the public in advancing our shared conservation objectives.

Our Logo

The Marbled Murrelet is a west coast seabird that requires old growth forests for nesting. It was once common throughout our region but is now a species-at-risk. We selected this bird as our logo because it symbolizes marvelous wild nature that is threatened by impacts of human activity. The SCCA is committed to the protection of this wonderful bird and many other species-at-risk.

In 2001, the SCCA initiated a precedent-setting legal challenge before the BC Supreme Court, in which the nesting habitat of the threatened marbled murrelet was protected in the Brittain Landscape Unit by a decision to overturn logging approvals.

Our logo was designed by Karen Weissenborn of Grafix Printing and Design Services in Sechelt.

Our Mission

To preserve the natural biodiversity of the Sunshine Coast for the benefit of humanity and all life by

  • Conducting research to inventory and describe our remaining natural areas with the goal of identifying land and waters important for the preservation of biodiversity;
  • Working to retain such lands and waters in a natural state and make them available for public enjoyment where possible; and
  • Raising public environmental and conservation awareness by sponsoring educational programs and workshops and by supporting low impact recreation.


Our Constitution and Bylaws are available as a PDF document.

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