Burnco Mines McNab Creek Proposal

Burnco Rock Products of Calgary is proposing a sand and gravel (aggregate) mine in the fan of McNab Creek, in Howe Sound.  They have submitted a project description to initiate the environmental assessment process, which will be coordinated by the BC Environmental Assessment Office. The project would also need rezoning to an industrial land use. The rezoning application has been received by the SCRD and will require public consultation.

In order for Burnco Aggregates to process the material on site, a rezoning application must be approved of by the SCRD. Without the SCRD approval, the proposed mine could still go ahead and the processing could occur off-site.

The proposed project involves extraction of 30 million tonnes of aggregate, most of which would be used for concrete in Greater Vancouver. The material would be dredged, creating a pit that would remain flooded throughout the life of the mine. The annual production is predicted to be 1-1.6 million tonnes per year, with occasional “spikes” of up to 4 million tonnes, and a footprint of 70 hectares (173 acres). By comparison, the Sechelt sand and gravel mine produces 5 million tonnes per year on 250 hectares (618 acres) of land.

More information on this project:

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