Wasn’t that a party?

We had a fantastic party at the Hall on November 17 for our annual Celebration of Conservation. Long time supporters, Sweet Cascadia, were joined this year by a host of amazing and generous musicians.  Kenji Akimoto entertained us on guitar while we welcomed everyone to the event and then Dan’s Daughter’s took over with their amazing voices and fiddle. The dance floor filled up for the Brothers in Farms, and they had the crowd well warmed up for an amazing set by Sweet Cascadia. We can’t thank these musicians enough for turning this in to such a great party. (See photos below.)  Of course none of this would have happened without Clarence doing all the behind the scenes work. It was a very long day for him.

A lot of local businesses supported our event this year, doing everything from paying for advertising to donating food and door prizes (including a lovely cedar bench donated by West Coast Log Homes and a gorgeous origami butterfly art piece by David Moor). A full list of businesses who support biodiversity on the Sunshine Coast is in our ad in the Coast Reporter.


Thanks also to all the volunteers who put in hours prior to the event as well as keeping the event running so smoothly on the night.  Lee, Vicky and Chelsea and an army of SCCA members kept the food and drinks coming all night, and many members, and the Board, took care of countless details.

Thanks for all your help Sheenah, Yin, Danny, Karin, Angela, Rick, Patricia, David, Catherine, Gail, Ian, Rick, Alan, Ray, Larry, Bette, George, Mohammed, Sheila, Jane, John, Pamela, Bill, Taysha, Rowan and the entire crew who left the Hall spotless after the event. Thanks also to our hard working politicians, Nicholas, Dan, Donna, LeeAnn and Lee  for supporting this event and our efforts throughout the years.

Thanks also to the support and commitment of our member groups including The Friends of Gospel Rock, Elphinstone Logging Focus, Save The Day, One Straw, Alliance For Democracy, Deer Crossing The Art Farm, The Iris Griffith Centre, and The Tetrahedron Outdoor Club.

Finally, thanks to Jason, and the entire Board who made this happen.

Photos below by Tella Sametz

Dan’s Daughters

The audience.

Brothers in Farms

Sweet Cascadia

The crowd boogied.

Our MLA draws the winning draw ticket from his sleeve.  And the winner is….


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