Meet our New Team Members!

In 2019-2020, the SCCA underwent strategic planning, governance training and a management transition. The goal of this transition is to revitalize our organization and ensure the SCCA efficiently and effectively achieves its mandate to protect biodiversity on the Sunshine Coast.

In the fall of 2020, the SCCA hired Suzanne Senger as our new Executive Director. An experienced NGO leader with the skills and expertise to develop capacity and resources, campaigns and projects, Suzanne will guide the SCCA to meet its conservation mandate going forward. As well, the SCCA has hired Holly Neate, as our new Administrator. Holly too brings non-profit, administrative, organizing and networking experience to her role with the SCCA. 

Suzanne and Holly will work closely with our experienced Board of Directors to support the SCCA mission to preserve the natural biodiversity of the Sunshine Coast Region for the present and future benefit of all life, and raise public environmental and conservation awareness. 


Suzanne Senger, Executive Director 

Holly Neate, Administrator  

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