Snorkelling Adventures around Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands

SCCA member Dr. Sara Ellison will be presenting this slide show at the Seaside Centre in Sechelt at 7pm on Wednesday, September 6, 2023.There is no cost to attend; all are welcome.

Date: Wednesday, September 6, 2023
Time: 7pm
Location: Seaside Centre, 5790 Teredo Street, Sechelt, BC
Cost: Free

A CELEBRATION OF SNORKELLING: A fun and informative evening featuring astrophysicist, author and snorkeller extraordinaire, Dr. Sara Ellison. The intertidal zone of our local oceans are jam-packed with a myriad of incredible critters, from sea stars and anemones to corals and nudibranchs.

Join Dr. Sara Ellison, best-selling author of “Snorkelling Adventures Around Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands: The Ultimate Guide”, to learn how you can safely (and warmly!) plunge under the waves, identify the wonderful critters you’ll see and where are the best spots to see spectacular wildlife.

Even if you don’t want to learn to snorkel, you’ll have the opportunity to see what lies beneath our waters as Sara describes her snorkelling experiences with a slide show.

Sara shares, “Snorkelling and shallow freediving are amongst the greatest pleasures in my life, and I am blessed to live just minutes from the Pacific Ocean. Whilst you might not associate these cold Canadian waters with a snorkel destination, there is abundant underwater life in the kelp forests and on the rocky intertidal reefs. Over 25 species of seastars (including some of the largest in the world), many tens of outrageously colourful nudibranch species, anemones, corals (yes, we have corals!) and of course the signature giant Pacific octopus. I have seen over a hundred species whilst snorkelling around Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.”


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