See the video of Glass Sponge Reefs presentation

If you missed the presentation on Glass Sponge Reefs delivered to SCCA members in October, you can now see the video which was shot by Sarama. Dr. Manfred Krautter, paleobiologist, and professor at the University of Stuttgart, Germany, delivered this talk in Sechelt.

Glass sponge reefs were thought to be extinct until, in 1987, living reefs were first discovered off the northern coast of B.C. in Hecate Strait. Further reefs were found later in Georgia Strait, off Sechelt.

Sarama is presently producing a documentary entitled “This Living Salish Sea“. Both the larger northern colonies of these sponge reefs, in the Hecate Strait, and the smaller southern colonies, in the Salish Sea, are in the path of proposed tanker routes. 

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