Save Our Sound Draws 140 Vessels

On June 30th, 2013 the SCCA attended the Save Our Sound Mariners Rendezvous that gathered at the mouth of McNab Creek. Over 140 vessels were in attendance. This group was gathering to highlight concerns regarding the further industrialization of the Howe Sound region, in particular the Burnco Aggregates mine located within the alluvial fan of McNab Creek and the Box Canyon run of river project just upstream from the Burnco project.


The SCCA has considerable concerns with both of these projects as they present various levels of threats to the already heavily impacted watershed, which has seen significant logging over the past decades. In particular are the potential impacts to fish values within McNab Creek and the several small streams on the leading edge of the fan, the riparian corridor and its inhabitants, and the foreshore, intertidal and subtidal zones.


Many thanks to John Roper and the sailing vessel MISTRESS for our transport.

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