Petition opposes logging on Gambier

Gambier Lake - Photo by Donna McMahon

The Ministry of Forests is proposing to log two woodlots in the heart of Howe Sound, a combined area three times the size of Stanley Park. 

The woodlots are located in a pristine Wilderness Conservation Zone which includes Gambier Lake, a designated Provincial Recreation Site. The Forest ministry (FLNRO) did not consult with the community when establishing new woodlots and the Conservancy members note that the value of annual government stumpage fees is insignificant compared to recreational values. 

Watch the video Wild Heart of Howe Sound, or visit the Gambier Island Conservancy for more information.

Members of the Gambiier Island Conservancy have started an online petition opposing logging. They are asking SCCA members and supporters to sign the petition and forward it on to friends and family members.

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