Open Letter to Sechelt Indian Band

Regarding: Selection of Interim Measures and Watershed Protection

Dear Chief and Council,

We are writing today on behalf of the membership of the Sunshine Coast Conservation Association to say thank you for your recent initiative to protect the Chapman and Gray community watersheds by nominating this area for “interim protection” as part of the land use negotiations between the Sechelt First Nation and British Columbia.

It is apparent to us, and we hope it is apparent to everyone, that there are highly significant benefits for the entire Sunshine Coast community inherent in the reconciliation of British Columbia with the Sechelt Nation.

Again, we thank you for your consistent approach, over many years, to management and protection of this critical resource area which is so important to the daily lives of the vast majority of residents of the Sunshine Coast.

Yours truly,
Daniel Bouman, Executive Director
Brad Benson, Co-Chair
Gail Riddell, Co-Chair

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