Myrtle Creek Update

Wetlands are disappearing fast all over the world. They often seem insignificant patches of land, scrubby and marshy – but they are vital to our entire water systems by filtering out pollutants and stabilizing water temperature and flow. They are aquatic nursing areas and produce nutrients that enrich entire watersheds.

Myrtle Creek in Powell River has important wetlands. It may not be as impressive as some oceanside views, or a trail through the forest, but this dense brush protects and nurtures Myrtle and all its wildlife, including more than thirty varieties of birds.

The Myrtle Creek Stewards are dedicated to preserving Myrtle’s wetlands. They have had great support from Brookfield Power, BC Hydro and the Powell River Regional District. Thanks to a grant from the Regional District they have been able to put up signs at the wetlands explaining their importance.

Events organized:

“Broom Out” party

First Coho smolts of the season: Spawned eggs hatch and the fry have been hiding

in Myrtle’s deep pools for the past one to two before turning into smolts. Now they are ready to head out to the ocean for the really big adventure!

International Day for Biological Diversity – this year’s is marine bio-diversity

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