Gospel Rock – Make Your Voice Heard by June 30!

The Town of Gibsons has sent a survey to all households in the Town asking for public feedback on the Draft Gospel Rock Neighbourhood Plan. This survey is also available online at the Town’s website .

Two draft development options are being presented. Both proposals would preserve much of the forest, but Plan A calls for as many as 12 homes on the forested waterfront below Gower Point Road. The Sunshine Coast Conservation Association opposes waterfront development because this shoreline and its natural forest has the highest ecological value of any site in the planning area (or anywhere else within the Town of Gibsons). We urge you to fill out the survey and join us in opposing development of the Gospel Rock waterfront.

The paper survey is being distributed only to residents of the Town of Gibsons. All others may use the on-line survey. While opinions of Town residents will carry the most weight, all Sunshine Coast residents will be affected and everyone’s opinion needs to be heard. The deadline for surveys is June 30.

The Gospel Rock area is one of the most spectacularly beautiful and ecologically sensitive places on the entire Sunshine Coast, and the last stretch of natural waterfront within the Town of Gibsons. Only a couple of small parcels of mature dryland Douglas Fir-Arbutus forest remain between Gibsons and Pender Harbour. This is the rarest of the rare – and all the more valuable for being right next door to the heart of a community.

Please remember also that neither plan is carved in stone. The Town is asking you how to improve these plans, so let’s tell them!

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