Independent Power Projects: Selling off BC’s Rivers

In “Liquid Gold”, John Calvert claims the BC government has manufactured an energy crisis by claiming that the province will soon run out of energy. Calvert and many other authorities deny that the crisis exists and insist that other options have not been explored. Are we trading low-cost, publicly owned power for expensive privately- owned power that can be sold to the highest bidder anywhere in North America? And how much damage will this do to our rivers, streams and forests?

First Nations and regional government have been asked to “review” over 50 Independent Power Project applications in the Sunshine Coast Regional District alone. There is very little information available about these proposals and no strategic land use plan in effect. Under Bill 30, regional districts have no authority to refuse these applications. Most of the proposals are in or at the heads of Jervis, Narrows and Salmon inlets. The SCCA supports First Nations’ rights of review and approval over these projects.

John Calvert will be speaking at Roberts Creek Hall on Sunday, April 27 at 1:30 pm. This event is sponsored by the Council of Senior Citizens Organizations, Sunshine Coast Branch.

A video about IPPs can be viewed online. For more information on IPPs, visit Take Back the Power. A detailed analysis of BC Hydro’s energy plan is also available.

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