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The SCCA was very proud to award the first John Hind-Smith Environmental Achievement Award to Bradley J Benson on November 22, 2008 at our Celebration of Conservation.  (Above: Brad Benson, SCCA Executive Director Dan Bouman, George Smith)

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About Brad Benson

Brad BensonBrad Benson began his conservation work on the Sunshine Coast with the Tetrahedron Ski Club project management committee in 1986 and 1987, overseeing the construction of the cabins and trails system in our upper Chapman/Grey Creeks watershed. When the Tetrahedron Alliance was formed in 1989 to protect the Tetrahedron Wilderness and the upper part of our principle drinking watershed from industrial logging, he became a key member.

Brad was a stalwart participant on the Tetrahedron Local Resource Use Plan, contributing many hours to sitting on the main table as well as sub-committees. Most important, he was a consistent voice for maintaining honest process based on community values, full representation and genuine respect for all participants and sectors.

George Smith said: “Brad’s health paid a real price for his efforts, but I believe that John Hind-Smith would have been proud of Brad for the grace and genuineness of his efforts to respect all sides and individuals during an extremely contentious and difficult process.”

These efforts paid off on June 1, 1995 when Premier Harcourt announced the creation of Tetrahedron Provincial Park.

Brad was also one of the original founding directors of the Sunshine Coast Conservation Association and has remained a pillar of support for the organization for many years, taking on numerous assignments including that of chair in recent years. Brad has always offered a clear voice to the SCCCA and other environmental organizations. He was also a founding director of the Sunshine Coast Water First Society and was one of the key defenders of the watershed in 2007 helping to keep all the different groups and sectors working togather.

At a provincial level Brad worked hard to ensure that First Nations interests and values would receive fair hearing from government and the public.

Brad has been generous with his time, his money, his humour and his loving attitude over many years. We feel confident that John Hind-Smith would agree and would approve the choice of Brad Benson as the first recipient of the environmental achievement given in his name.

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