2019 Annual General Meeting

We held our Annual General Meeting on June 18th, followed by fantastic discussion about water meters and water conservation efforts, and as usual, enjoyed conversation, refreshments and an amazing spread of potluck treats.

Staff and Board at 2019 AGM

We’re pleased to have re-elected Mary Louise Hendry to our Board, which now consists of: Lee Ann Johnson (Chair), Mary Louise Hendry (Secretary), Dan Bouman, Suzanne Senger, and Bill Wareham. We will greatly miss Jason Herz, who retired this year, though he’ll still head up our Covenants committee, and if his parting gift is any indication, he’ll definitely continue to model great water conservation practices! And we were happy to introduce everyone to our 2019 summer interns, Devon Ellis-Durity and Erika Evasiuk.

If you had to miss it, don’t worry, you can at least still check out the agenda, minutes, reports and financial statements here:

AGM 2019 Agenda

AGM 2019 Minutes – Draft

2018 AGM Minutes

Chair’s Report

2018 Financial Position Statement

2018 Statement of Operations

Notes to Financial Statements


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