SCCA Cleans Up!

JasonSaturday, September 10th, the Sunshine Coast Conservation Association participated in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. We chose to “clean” the shoreline along Davis Bay, either side of the pier. Fourteen volunteers showed up including board members: Jason Herz, Tella Sametz, Marianne Larsen and Sheenah Main. Thanks to all of our volunteers.  Great to see some new faces including high schooler, Alexa Conyers.

Also, thanks to the local businesses who contributed to the cause: Sechelt Home Hardware, One o One Office Supplies and Extra Foods.


Reports came in about a burnt out mattress and a dead baby seal further down from where we were working, but for our own stats they include:

  • 785 metres of shoreline covered
  • 27.5 lbs of garbage
  • 5.5 bags of trash and 3.5 bags of recycling collected
  • 1 dead pigeon

working29 paper bags, 25 plastic bags, 2 balloons, 7 plastic beverage bottles, 6 glass beverage bottles, 14 beverage cans, 26 caps, 9 articles of clothing, 34 cups, plates, etc., 97 food wrappers, 9 pull tabs, 2 6-pack holders, 12 stirrers, 2 bait containers, 1 fishing lure, 2 fishing nets, 15 pieces of rope and string, 3 strapping bands, 1 cigarette lighter, 2 cigar tips, 30 tobacco wrappers and packages, 10 pieces of building materials, 1 car part, 1 tire, plenty of Styrofoam, Kleenex and garden fabric and of course cigarettes – a total of 593 cigarettes and filters collected!  (Bette Chadwick I hear an earth hour song somewhere in here.)

Most unusual piece of garbage – probably a tossup between a pair of lace panties and an artificial flower.


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