NDP Candidate Nicholas Simons Answers

Answers to the Green Forum questions – May 9, 2013

1. A high level plan is essential to the Sunshine Coast. Without some meaningful dialogue and land use agreements, we will continue to cycle through the pattern of proposal and protest.  I have worked hard in conjunction with the public to get this issue on the government’s agenda.  I have continued to work hard to get it on the NDP platform, and am pleased that there is a commitment to such processes.

2. I witnessed the signing of the JWMA in the Sechelt Longhouse and know that words spoken there are law.  I will continue to fight for good stewardship of our most valuable natural resource and the formal acknowledgement of the community’s wishes.

3. Any disturbance to salmon habitat is a concern.  I do not believe that appropriate caution was exercised with the proliferation of power projects and wish to see an assessment process that gives the public confidence.  This would have to include cumulative impacts.  Some salmon farms cause problems for the wild salmon whose protection must be our first priority.  The Committee on Sustainable Aquaculture as well as the Cohen Commission recommendations make our obligations clear.



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