Liberal Candidate Patrick Muncaster Answers

Answers to the Green Forum questions – May 9, 2013

Land Use Planning

Land Use Planning can make an important contribution to effective use of resources and to ensuring watersheds are protected and fish habitat is maintained and restored. We need a land and resource management plan.  It would help all parties to know where they stand and create the basis of a trust based relationship.  I am prepared to work with all parties to move us forward.

Drinking Water Protection

Water is life. How we plan to safeguard it for man and nature is important.  As a former strategic planner I value the contribution that long term planning can bring.  Drinking water protection is one of many areas where good planning can bring about long term benefits.

We expect that the population of the Sunshine Coast to grow.  We expect climate change and variability to require careful thought and planning where our water resources are concerned. The Provincial government, the Federal government, First Nations, Local Government and other organizations will all make a contribution to safeguarding our water resources. Integrating Water, Land and Watershed planning will be aided by strengthening our information systems and databases.

I am committed to working hard to keeping our water safe and secure and will listen to all voices who can contribute to the needed dialogue on drinking water protection.


Restoration of the Salmon Fisheries

Salmon define our west coast history and values.  We know from archeological digs that salmon populations have risen and fallen over long periods of history. We have corrected many of the practices that in the past have led to salmon stream degradation. We need to continue to work to preserve conditions where salmon flourish.  Changes to river and stream water temperatures present a deeply concerning trend.  We have learned that fishing fleets on the high seas are larger than reported and we have been surprised by salmon runs in the Fraser River that have alternatively fallen off sharply or have been at historic highs. This suggests we need more research in diverse areas.  We are learning more about deep ocean currents and their effect on climate and fisheries but globally we need to do more to understand our climate and the world’s oceans. We need a strong BC economy to continue restoration and enhancement work.



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