April 11, 2021

Ocean's Day

Sunshine Coast Conservation Association

We Are the SCCA


Who We Are

We're an association of individuals and groups dedicated to protecting the biodiversity and integrity of the Sunshine Coast for all time. Our work is carried out by a small paid team and hundreds of volunteers.

Our Goals

We endeavour to conserve land and marine areas – from Howe Sound to Powell River – in their natural states and to prevent local extinctions and loss of biodiversity.

What We Do

We engage in research, educational outreach, and advocacy activities, holding decision makers to account and encouraging government to protect biodiversity and ecosystems. We also assist member groups with their objectives.

Recent News

The Sunshine Coast’s Water Situation gets National Attention

SCCA Executive Director Suzanne Senger and SCRD Vice-Chair Donna McMahon shared the Sunshine Coast’s water challenges on the national stage, with an article in the Globe and Mail. The article details what the two saw when they hiked up to Chapman Lake (the subalpine water reservoir which serves 90% of the population on the Sunshine […]

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Biodiversity Hero

Susan Smith,
Local Streamkeeper

This month we're celebrating Susan Smith, a long-time volunteer with the Sunshine Coast Streamkeepers Society.

"Streamkeepers are people from different communities along the Sunshine Coast," Susan shares. "Our goal is to have stream stewards for each creek, who advocate for wild salmon and their habitat. I am one of the stewards for Gray Creek."

Susan shares with us how she got involved with Streamkeepers and why she finds the work so fulfilling.

(Know a biodiversity hero who deserves to be recognized here? Contact us!)

Are you passionate about biodiversity?

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What Happens Next, after Unapproved Logging in Gospel Rock?


On December 31st, 2020 the SCCA was informed by citizens of Gibsons that trees had been cut down in the sensitive forest area on Gospel Rock, Block 7. We documented a freshly cut swath of the sensitive ecosystem along the eastern edge of the property.

The Town of Gibsons advised that this cutting took place on December 18th and they issued a Stop Work Order on December 21. Tree cutting cannot resume on Block 7 until the Town lifts the Stop Work Order.

We are now trying determine what happened, whether this cutting will affect our conservation covenant agreement, and how to proceed.

What are Covenants and How do they Protect Biodiversity?

A covenant is a voluntary, legal agreement between a landowner and a conservation organization where the landowner promises to protect the land in specific ways. Those promises are attached on title to the land forever, regardless of who owns the land.

In return, the conservation organization agrees to monitor the covenant and ensure that the intentions and objectives of the covenant are being maintained.

The SCCA has the right to hold conservation covenants under Section 219 of the Land Titles Act. We are a partner in covenants for Cliff Gilker Park and three nature reserves on Gambier Island.

What you can do Today to Make a Difference

Forest March BC

March 19th, 2021

Participate in this province-wide day of action, which include socially-distanced outdoor community marches, writing and calling MLA's, and posting your own "tree pose" on social media.

Forest March BC Website

shishalh Land Use Plan

In October 2018, the shishalh Nation and the Province of British Columbia signed a government to government Foundation Agreement.  In December 2020, they launched the shishalh-B.C. Land Use Plan process. A Land Use Planning Table has been established which is tasked with developing a draft land use plan for the shishalh Nation territory.

Stakeholders and the public are invited to complete this questionnaire, to help the Table understand early interests, opportunities and concerns the public may have about the planning process and its themes.


Support Local Conservation

Donations fund our research and advocacy activities.

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