Free World Oceans Day Festival: Films, Talks, Demonstrations

Event dates: May 31, June 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9

June 8 is designated by the UN as World Oceans Day. They write:

“On this day, we have an opportunity to raise global awareness of the benefits humankind derives from the ocean and our individual and collective duty to use its resources sustainably. Future generations will also depend on the oceans for their livelihoods.

We celebrate all that the ocean gives us every day: from the oxygen we breathe to the inspiration that moves our poets.”

Here on the Sunshine Coast, we have a strong connection to the ocean. Not only are we surrounded by it, our history has been formed by the ocean, with both Indigenous and Settler communities depending on it for food, livelihoods and transportation.

For centuries, the ocean has seemed too vast for humankind to affect it. But in recent decades we’ve become aware of how much human activities have impacted life in the sea. While the task of protecting our oceans is huge, experts and laypersons alike bring incredible passion, commitment and ingenuity to the task. Those qualities are what the SCCA celebrates with this year’s World Oceans Day Festival.

Join us for week of free events, where we’ll showcase the work of individuals and organizations who are making a difference. And you’ll learn about opportunities where you can get involved in a hands-on way.

These events include:

  • In-person film screenings
  • Online film screenings
  • In-person citizen science demonstrations
  • Inspring “NEMO Talks” – online webinar series

All in-person events are held on the lower Sunshine Coast. All events (in person and online) are free of charge.

Register for your free Festival Pass on EventBrite.

Complete festival information is available on the festival website at

The full schedule of festival events is also available on our Event Calendar.

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