Fish, Wildlife threatened by Narrows Inlet Hydro Project

The proposed Narrows Inlet Hydro Project is a renamed and altered version of the Stilixwm Hydro Project put forth by Renewable Power Corporation of Gibsons B.C. It involves the drawing down of three high alpine lakes by as much as 45 meters and damming them to raise their levels by as much as 5 meters. It also will means boring almost 4 km of tunnels to access the lakes, building over 15 kms of new transmission lines, cutting penstock routes through two recently protected Goat Winter Range areas, drilling under another and working in close proximity to four more.

Read our submission to the BC Environmental Assessment Office for an overview of our concerns.

There are significant fish values in the Tzooonie, Chickwat and Ramona creeks. Other animals of concern include: Grizzlies; Marbled murrelets flying through the valley bottoms to nesting areas; Red-legged  frogs and tailed frogs; Wolverines may even be denning in the alpine lake areas. The list is long and the impacts are significant as far as the SCCA is concerned. We also have questions regarding the Environmental Assessment Process, the information supplied to the public and how it was delivered at the information sessions.

This is only one of a large number of Independent Power Projects (IPPs) that have been proposed or approved in our region.

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