Conservation Education


Understanding Biodiversity in Coastal Forested Landscapes

A new educational presentation about the need for conservation of forested ecosystems in the greater Sunshine Coast region is now up and running. The presentation is about determining how much land needs to be protected and where this protection needs to be applied. Click on the “Biodiversity” tab under the “HANP” heading on the left-side panel.

This presentation, funded by the Mountain Equipment Co-op, is part of the educational component of our Habitat Area Nomination Project (HANP). We’ve put a lot of effort into illustrating the concepts of general biodiversity protection with short texts, stunning photos and a variety of specialized maps. It’s multi-layered so you don’t have to view everything all at once. It’s also linked to the Fisheries Sensitive Watershed section of the website. We’ll probably be adding layers to this program as time and circumstance allow.

The purpose of our effort is to inform and empower people to pursue biodiversity protection in whichever circumstance they find appropriate. Most of all, we hope you enjoy the show!


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