Cohen Inquiry Aquaculture Hearings

Last year 5,000 British Columbians marched on parliament to urge an end to ocean-based fish farms and support for the wild salmon run. This received remarkably little attention in the media, and the same has been true of the Cohen Commission Hearings into Aquaculture, presently taking place in Vancouver.

SCCA members and other concerned individuals from the Sunshine Coast have been travelling into Vancouver for these hearings. Here are a few links with more information on the hearings:

Province allows release of salmon audits (Vancouver Sun, Aug. 31)

Privy Council blocked scientist’s access to media, Cohen probe told (Globe and Mail) Aug. 25

 Alexandra Morton is reporting on the hearings on her blog. There is also coverage from the Pacific Coast Wild Salmon Society.

Background:  Is a Virus Ravaging BC’s Sockeye? (Tyee)

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