Changes to Fisheries Act

On July 27, 2012, eighteen representatives of groups concerned about fisheries and watersheds in the Squamish and Vancouver area (eg. Ecojustice, Watershed Watch, Squamish First Nations, local watershed council, stream keepers) met with MPs John Weston (West Vancouver-Squamish) and Randy Kamp (Maple Ridge and Secretary to DFO Minister Ashfield) regarding changes in the Fisheries Act as driven by Bill C 38 which received Royal Assent on June 29th, 2012.

Otto Langer, a Fishers Biologist and Aquatic Ecologist, took notes of this meeting which he has made available to all interested Canadians.  (Note that the SCCA has made minor typographical edits.)

The Harper government has radically altered the habitat provisions of the Fisheries Act via Bill C 38, without public consultation.


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