Tzoonie River Threatened by Dams and Power Projects

The Tzoonie River is located at the head of Narrows Inlet about 20 miles from Porpoise Bay in Sechelt. It is one largest and most productive river systems in the Sunshine Coast Forest District.

The Stl’ixwim Hydro Corporation is proposing to construct a 62 megawatt private hydropower project within the Tzoonie River watershed. This project involves 3 lake storage dams, 6 generating stations and 19 points of diversion and is large enough to trigger a provincial environmental assessment process.

Tzoonie Narrows Inlet

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The greater Sunshine Coast region is the focal point of a large number of Independent Power Projects (IPPs); over 180 have been proposed or approved. We believe these projects are being undertaken in an environmentally reckless manner.

We urge you to learn about Independent Power Projects and what’s at stake for our community, the Tzoonie River and Narrows Inlet.

More about Independent Power Projects and reasons why the SCCA is so concerned about these projects.

Read what world renowned UBC ecologist Dr. William Rees has to say about the current wave of IPPs. Why ‘Run of the River’ is no Solution

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