Public Comments on Narrows Inlet Power Project open until Oct. 22

Ramona Lake

The proposed Narrows Inlet Power Project involves three lakes and four tributary watercourses at the head of Narrows Inlet in the Tzoonie River valley, which has significant wild salmon values.

Here are a few of the areas of concern identified by the SCCA:

  1. The lakes will be lowered up to 45 metres on an ongoing basis to generate power. As seen with the Tyson Lake siltation release, this has the potential to cause significant impacts to salmon and trout in the Tzoonie River and beyond.
  2. Two of the three lakes will be raised up to 5 meters causing flooding of the surrounding shoreline habitat.
  3. Water from one lake will be transported and released 3 km downstream from its natural confluence with the Tzoonie River, changing the flows in that portion of the river.
  4. Kilometres of new roads, transmission corridors, penstock and corridors will be created.
The public comment period is from September 7th to October 22. Public meetings are being held on October 12th, 6:30 pm, at Egmont Hall and October  13th, 1 pm, at the Sechelt Band Hall.

More about Tzoonie River:

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