2011 Civic Election – The Questions

Green Issues Forum 2011
Questions for Candidates

1.   The Joint Watershed Management Agreement (JWMP) was recently renewed, a Source Area Response Plan (SARP) is under development, and new documentation shows that the public supports drinking water source area protection more strongly than ever (We Envision One Coast and Vital Signs 2011). Steps are being taken to achieve water conservation (sprinkling regulations, water metering in Gibsons, etc.). During the last 3 years, the Sunshine Coast Community Forest (SCPI) has continued to press its case for logging in the Chapman and Gray Creek watersheds, the region's principle source areas of drinking water.

What is your understanding of and position on the Joint Watershed Management Agreement?  As a regional director, how would you respond to the Sunshine Coast Community Forest? Other watersheds also contribute to the public's drinking water supply, how do you propose to achieve or enhance protection of these smaller watersheds?

Question 1 Responses

2.   The SCRD has initiated a coast wide discussion about sustainability entitled: We Envision One Coast .

Has this discussion changed your understanding of what the word sustainable means and how we go about achieving it? How do you intend to contribute to this important discussion? How will you show leadership responding to urgent climate change issues at the regional level?

Question 2 Responses

3.   Waste management, reduction, recycling, and diversion of resources into recycling streams, etc., are all important issues with regard to climate change mitigation and regional sustainability. Substantial progress has been made over the last 3 years but we haven't achieved all that is needed or possible. The debate has often been heated and sometimes divisive.

What are your views about how to continue making progress with our regional goal of Zero Waste?

Question 3 Responses

4.  The Province's Species At Risk Task Force has published its findings and recommendations on the urgent issue of biodiversity loss on local government and privately owned lands. The SCRD has shown leadership on old growth retention and protection of species at risk in the past.

What can you, as a local elected representative, do to further biodiversity protection for species at risk on local government and privately owned land in our region?

Question 4 Responses

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