The designation Fisheries Sensitive Watershed was created by British Columbia through the Forest and Range Practices Act in 2005. Its purpose is to ensure that forestry activities do not compromise fisheries values in major fish-bearing watersheds. None have yet been designated in the greater Sunshine Coast region and so the SCCA decided to make the nominations ourselves.

The first step was to document the historical productivity in each of these potential FSRs. The following links will show you a map, a photo, a brief written historical summary and more than 50 years of salmon return data in each most significant watersheds.

We have taken the view that peak historical escapements illustrate the ecological potential of a restored system. The story emerging from the data is that the salmon fisheries have been radically degraded by poorly regulated land uses, primarily logging, but is recoverable. We strongly believe that this is possible and that the benefits to society and the environment would be enormous.

To see the data for each of the watersheds on the map below, click on the menu item in the side bar on the left.

FSW Homathko Southgate Toba Brem Orford Skwawka Theodosia Deserted Brittain Lois Lang Vancouver Tzoonie Sakinaw Chapman Wilson Dakota McNab