In January 2005, the Province's new on-line staking system for new mineral claims became operational. Within 48 hours, the entire Sechelt Peninsula (District of Sechelt to Earle's Cove—see map below) was staked by a new consortium of mining interests; Pan Pacific Aggregates. These new mineral claims included all private property on the peninsula including Premier Gordon Campbell's home in Halfmoon Bay.

Heavy machinery was moved in very quickly and environmental damage from exploration activities began to mount. An announcement followed quickly that a huge deposit of high grade limestone had been discovered and that PPA would enter the Province's Environmental Assessment process prior to establishing one of the world's largest limestone mining operations.

PPA's "Sechelt Carbonate Project" collapsed in September, 2007 when the company declined to continue with the environmental assessment process. The following documents describe the successful efforts of the SCCA and many other groups, to stop this destructive proposal.


Mining exploration at Carlson Creek, 2006

Above: Mineral exploration in the Carlson Creek watershed, 2006.  It is an offense under the federal Fisheries Act to cause materials deleterious to fish to be deposited into a watercourse or water body used by fish at any stage of the fish's life cycle, but these laws were not enforced during mining exploration.

Sechelt Peninsula