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On June 18, 2010, SCCA Executive Director Dan Bouman emailed a list of questions to the Conservation Data Center. His email is here, and the answers he received are below.

From: Daniel Bouman
To: Carmen Cadrin

Just further to our conversation today, I’d like to make a request for information.

Could you comment, based on CDC information inventory,

  • on the conservation status and value of land with in the Coastal Western Hemlock extra-dry maritime subzone?
  • on the significance or priority for conservation of the 02/03 plant association?

The parcel of land we are concerned with is waterfront in the Gospel Rock area of the Town of Gibsons. It has both young and mature trees between the ages 60 and 160 years, typically averaging about 80-100 years. The area has a road through it and has alien species, particularly near the road way.

Generally speaking,

  • does the presence of alien species and the degrading influence of a road make land unsuitable for conservation?
  • do these circumstances preclude the development of “old growth” over time?
  • are there recognized workable approaches to mitigating problems stemming from alien species and road influences?

Also, natural opening occur within both the CWHxm 02 and 03 associations in general and also within the Gospel Rock area. If land of this classification were to be placed under a covenant, would the covenant-holder need to undertake any activity, such as cutting trees down, in order to protect the ecological value of these natural openings?

And finally, would it be unusual or inappropriate, in your experience, for a municipality to protect land through a zoning by-law strictly for its environmental/ecological value?

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Daniel Bouman
Executive Director, Sunshine Coast Conservation Association

Carmen Cadrin answers for the CDC

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