Beautiful path in a forest during a vibrant summer day. Taken in Raft Cove Provincial Park, Northern Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

Old Growth Management Areas of the SC Forest District

Map of Old Growth Management Areas of the SC Forest District

Note that five LU Plans have been designated since this map was made. These are the Howe, Brittain, Cortez, Bute East and Bute West Landscape Units.

You can view established Landscape Unit Plans of the SCFD on the BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations web page.

Also note that the OGMAs are mostly small and isolated. As well, in the low elevation subzones, most of the OGMAs are not old growth at all as there isn’t enough left to meet the LU Plan retention target of 8%.

Forest inventory combined with ecosystem classification shows us that:

It is physically impossible to protect the natural diversity of plant communities and ecological processes on such a small land base as that currently provided by the LU Plans and Provincial Parks of our forest districts.

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