Beautiful path in a forest during a vibrant summer day. Taken in Raft Cove Provincial Park, Northern Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

Fisheries Sensitive Watersheds of the SC Forest District

The term “Fisheries Sensitive Watershed” or FSWs, is from the Forest and Range Practices Act. It is a designation intended to be applied to large fish producing watersheds to ensure that forest practices do not negatively impact fisheries values. There are no FSRs designated in the SC Forest District. This means that these major fish bearing watersheds don’t receive any more forest management consideration than non-fish bearing streams.

Homathko Watershed

The salmon spawning rivers of the SC Forest District are a major driver of biodiversity. The diversity of salmonid species and runs themselves are a major expression of biodiversity. The salmon are also a cornerstone species in that so much life depends on them. Think of salmon runs as delivering millions of tons of marine nutrients into estuaries, rivers and forests.

On the following page is a map of the major salmon rivers that should be designated as “Fisheries Sensitive Watershed”. A link will take you to a picture, historical summary and over a half century of returns/escapements in each listed watershed.

Please note in viewing the data and pictures that the major salmon watersheds have already been drastically degraded by logging and in some cases, by hydroelectric dams, especially the Theodosia and Lois rivers.

There is a dedicated section on our website about Fisheries Sensitive Watersheds where you can learn more.

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