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We are seeking outgoing, hard-working student interns as our CONSERVATION RESEARCH & OUTREACH COORDINATORS*.


Apply by: April 19, 2018
Dates of employment: 10 - 16 weeks starting as early as May 8th**
Wage & hours: $13.00/hr, 35 hrs/week

* Must be a student 15-30 yrs of age, returning to full time studies in the fall.
** Contingent upon funds awarded from Canada Summer Jobs.

To apply, send cover letter, resume, and 3 reference contacts to:
First Nations and visible minority students are encouraged to apply.

Concerned citizens filled the gallery at the SCRD offices for the February 8th Board meeting, where the Board discussed the letter sent from the District of Sechelt to the SCRD, "requesting that all reasonable and expeditious measures be taken to secure an expanded water supply on behalf of the District of Sechelt taxpayers and citizens."

A more fulsome discussion to re-evaluate the Comprehensive Regional Water Plan (CWRP) and the proposal to blast a trench to allow for more draw-down of Chapman Lake is now planned to take place at an upcoming special standing committee meeting on March 1st. 

If you share the SCCA's concerns for the health of Chapman Lake and the sustainability of our water supply, please consider attending the upcoming SCRD meeting - we will post details on the upcoming discussions here. Stay tuned, or sign up for our enews to be sure you're in the loop.

Click here for the original agenda package for Feb 8th.
And here for the amended agenda.

See the post below for our SCCA Chapman Tetrahedron factsheet.

"The SCCA remains unconvinced that the proposed aggregate mine, especially with unpredictable climate change, will have an insignificant effect on the fish and fresh water and marine fish habitat values in the McNab Creek watershed. We remain opposed to this project."

Click here to read our full submission on the proposed 30-hectare pit Burnco gravel mine.
These comments are our response to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency's Comprehensive Study Report.

Concerned about the proposed draw-down of Chapman Lake?

Please join us at the SCRD Board meeting this Thursday, where they'll be re-evaluating the controversial proposal to blast a water draw-down trench into Chapman Lake in the Tetrahedron Provincial Park.

Thursday, February 8th
1:30 pm at SCRD offices: 1975 Field Road

It's important to attend this meeting so that we show the SCRD Board of Directors that we are still here and adamantly opposed to compromising our community's most important natural asset: the source area of our main drinking water supply.

To learn why the SCCA is asking the SCRD to terminate the Chapman Expansion project, check out our Chapman Tetrahedron Factsheet.

We hope to see you this Thursday!


The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency is extending their invitations of public comments until January 26, 2018 on the Comprehensive Study Report. Please follow the link and submit your comments. Our SCCA team is working on our final submission to the CEAA and will post it here soon.

You can read the comments we submitted in November 2017 on the Draft Provincial Referral Materials here.

Burnco Rock Products of Calgary propose a large scale gravel mine at McNab Creek, in the middle of Howe Sound. A 30-hectare pit, onsite crusher producing 20 million tonnes of aggregate over 16 years. The project will create 12 direct operational jobs.

In the summer of 2016, a public comment period indicated widespread opposition to this heavy industrial development in the natural estuary flourishing with marine life.  You can read Burnco's responses to the 3590 issues raised by the public here. The SCCA was awarded participant funding from the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA), which enabled our committee to put together a submission compiled from concerns raised by our members and the community at large. It is founded on local and professional knowledge of the McNab watershed and its surrounding environment. You can read our submission here from October 2016.

The BC Environmental Assessment Office (BCEAO) and the CEAA are in the process of “writing their technical assessment report taking into consideration all of the information along with mitigations in the form of legally binding conditions.”  Another 30 day public comment period to review the conclusions will be held prior to the report being sent to the Ministers responsible for decision.  You can find more information on the Burnco EAO process here.

The Future of Howe Sound Society has been championing the efforts to inform the public and challenge the development. Their website has exceptionally comprehensive information about the history of the proposed mine, the ecological and biodiversity values of the area, and the concerns of how this project impacts residents, quality of life, and the recover of Howe Sound.  Check out these pages to get informed on the issue:

BURNCO McNab Proposal Background

BURNCO Gravel Mine Environmental Assessment resumes

Want to help?  Sign the Future of Howe Sound Society's petition to call for protection of the McNab Estuary here.