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The SCCA has written the Provincial Ministry of Engery and Mines regarding a proposal for bulk coal handling proposed by Lafarge Canada on Texada Island. The lack of public input that has been required is unprecedented for an industrial development of this size.

A million of tonnes of coal is proposed to be shipped and handled per year, but only 30 days was allowed for public response (in the middle of summer). An extended environmental review is merited.

SCCA Letter of Response


On June 30th, 2013 the SCCA attended the Save Our Sound Mariners Rendezvous that gathered at the mouth of McNab Creek. Over 140 vessels were in attendance. This group was gathering to highlight concerns regarding the further industrialization of the Howe Sound region, in particular the Burnco Aggregates mine located within the alluvial fan of McNab Creek and the Box Canyon run of river project just upstream from the Burnco project.


The SCCA has considerable concerns with both of these projects as they present various levels of threats to the already heavily impacted watershed, which has seen significant logging over the past decades. In particular are the potential impacts to fish values within McNab Creek and the several small streams on the leading edge of the fan, the riparian corridor and its inhabitants, and the foreshore, intertidal and subtidal zones.


Many thanks to John Roper and the sailing vessel MISTRESS for our transport.

Answers to the Green Forum questions - May 9, 2013

Land Use Planning

Land Use Planning can make an important contribution to effective use of resources and to ensuring watersheds are protected and fish habitat is maintained and restored. We need a land and resource management plan.  It would help all parties to know where they stand and create the basis of a trust based relationship.  I am prepared to work with all parties to move us forward.

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The Annual General Meeting of the Sunshine Coast Conservation Association will be held on Wednesday, the 19th day of June, 7 PM at Mission Point House, Davis Bay. The agenda is:

  • Reports
  • Election of Directors
  • Adjournment
  • Guest Speaker - Sean Cullen, R.P.Bio:  The EA process in B.C. (click on 'read more' for more details)
Only members in good standing as of March 22st, 2013 are entitled to vote.  So, if you were already a member in 2012, but have not renewed your membership for 2013, please come prepared to pay your dues ($20 single, $30 family, $40 non-profit group; cash or cheque only). New members who joined the Association after March 22nd, 2013 are welcome to attend, but will not be permitted to vote.

Light refreshments will be served following the meeting.

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Answers to the Green Forum questions - May 9, 2013

To Jason Hertz and The SCCA

Thank you for your invitation to take part in the SCCA Environmental Issues Forum 2013.  As requested, I have laid out my responses to your ‘Questions for Candidates’ as follows:

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