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The SCCA is honoured and pleased to announce the award of the 2016 John Hind-Smith Award to the shíshálh Nation Elders, Council and Members for outstanding environmental stewardship. 
We invite the community to join us at the Award Ceremony and Celebration on SATURDAY, MARCH 12th, 3 - 6 pm at the SIB Hall.  We will feast in celebration. Please bring a potluck item to share to augment our salmon dinner!
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Click here to read the letter to Chief Craigan and Council

For those of you who weren't able to join us for our 2015 Annual General Meeting on June 22nd, you can still read all about it here! (AGM draft minutes including reports).

Joseph Jacobus (Joop) Burgerjon
October 9, 1924 - May 27, 2015

It is with sadness and deep respect that we mourn the loss of a great friend and local conservationist, Joop Burgerjon.

Although Joop may be best known on the Coast his role in establishing, rehabilitating and maintaining Sargeant Bay Provincial Park, his lead role in the establishment of the Sunshine Coast Conservation Association was also pivotal. It was his patience and commitment as the chair of our Board of Directors in navigating the paperwork that led to the SCCA receiving it’s federal charitable status in 1997. His efforts were recognized in 2004 when he was awarded the John Hind-Smith award.  An award that is given each year to a citizen of the Sunshine Coast who has shown a long and enduring service to the protection of local biodiversity and is recognized by their personal integrity, commitment to scientific accuracy, and ability to inspire others to appreciate and protect biodiversity.
He also was recognized in 2013 with a Volunteer Legacy Award from BC Parks, and in 2014 was honoured at the Sunshine Coast Celebration of Excellence for a lifetime exemplary volunteer career in the field of Environmental Enhancement and Protection.

Joop was a terrific role model showing us all what a dedicated individual concerned about the environment is capable of accomplishing.  He will be sorely missed.

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