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BC Parks Open House Wednesday May 2nd, 5-7pm at Seaside Center, seeks input on either revoking the Tetrahedron Provincial Park’s Class A status or removing Chapman and Edwards Lake from the Park in order to build the Chapman Water Expansion Project.


The Chapman Water Expansion Project would degrade our most important potable water source. Tetrahedron Park was explicitly created to protect this source for the benefit all Sunshine Coast communities.


Please help us send a powerful message to BC Parks and the Provincial Government that neither option they have presented is acceptable. The timing of this open house is deliberately short notice, don’t let them stop you from responding! See you at the Seaside Center in Sechelt on Wednesday.



5 - 7 pm at the SEASIDE CENTRE
5790 Teredo Street, Sechelt



Although SCRD Directors representing approximately 1/3 of Chapman system users continue to push the unsustainable Chapman Water Expansion Project (CWEP) forward, SCRD Directors representing approximately 2/3 of Chapman supply users strongly support wiser, more sustainable options for long-term solutions.


If the SCRD goes ahead with the CWEP, it would be wasting $5 million on a temporary measure! This money would be much better spent on long-term conservation measures, infrastructure upgrades and aquifer development.


The SCCA is totally opposed to removing the Park’s Class A status or removal of land from the Tetrahedron. We fully support developing viable water source and storage alternatives outside our Class A Park. We are committed to protecting drinking water source areas and working with the SCRD, as we have done for 30 years, in support of sustainable watershed solutions, such as those proposed by the new SCRD Chair Bruce Milne.   


We have strong political leadership, community and NGO support and actions already being taken to develop viable alternatives which will ensure a diverse and sustainable water supply on the Sunshine Coast. 


Please attend this Open House and the let the BC Government know, there is no justification for compromising our source area in Tetrahedron Provincial Park.


More information:

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The SCCA is pleased to be partnering again with the District of Sechelt to present the second annual SECHELT OCEANS DAY!

Saturday, June 9th, 12 - 4 pm
Friendship Park - where Wharf Ave meets the Ocean

Enjoy an afternoon of FREE family fun featuring ocean-themed activities and games on the downtown Sechelt waterfront. Pick up your Oceans Day Passport at our info booth, and gain stamps at each activity for your chance to win prizes!

Some of what we have in store includes: 

Beach Volleyball Tournament: 10 am to 4 pm
Co-ed 4-on-4, 18+ and Under 18 divisions. $40 per team
Contact to register

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup - Sechelt waterfront
2 pm - meet at the Sechelt Oceans day booth
Some gloves, picker-up'ers, garbage bags and buckets provided
Register online today, or just drop by!

And tons of great activities presented by local and regional Environmental NGOs!

Want to get involved: volunteer, offer an activity, host an education booth, or donate? Contact or join us for the public information meeting:

Tuesday, May 29th
7 pm at the Rockwood Lodge

Concerned citizens filled the gallery at the SCRD offices for the February 8th Board meeting, where the Board discussed the letter sent from the District of Sechelt to the SCRD, "requesting that all reasonable and expeditious measures be taken to secure an expanded water supply on behalf of the District of Sechelt taxpayers and citizens."

A more fulsome discussion to re-evaluate the Comprehensive Regional Water Plan (CWRP) and the proposal to blast a trench to allow for more draw-down of Chapman Lake is now planned to take place at an upcoming special standing committee meeting on March 1st. 

If you share the SCCA's concerns for the health of Chapman Lake and the sustainability of our water supply, please consider attending the upcoming SCRD meeting - we will post details on the upcoming discussions here. Stay tuned, or sign up for our enews to be sure you're in the loop.

Click here for the original agenda package for Feb 8th.
And here for the amended agenda.

See the post below for our SCCA Chapman Tetrahedron factsheet.

Or know someone who does?

We are seeking outgoing, hard-working student interns as our CONSERVATION RESEARCH & OUTREACH COORDINATORS*.


Apply by: April 19, 2018
Dates of employment: 10 - 16 weeks starting as early as May 8th**
Wage & hours: $13.00/hr, 35 hrs/week

* Must be a student 15-30 yrs of age, returning to full time studies in the fall.
** Contingent upon funds awarded from Canada Summer Jobs.

To apply, send cover letter, resume, and 3 reference contacts to:
First Nations and visible minority students are encouraged to apply.

Concerned about the proposed draw-down of Chapman Lake?

Please join us at the SCRD Board meeting this Thursday, where they'll be re-evaluating the controversial proposal to blast a water draw-down trench into Chapman Lake in the Tetrahedron Provincial Park.

Thursday, February 8th
1:30 pm at SCRD offices: 1975 Field Road

It's important to attend this meeting so that we show the SCRD Board of Directors that we are still here and adamantly opposed to compromising our community's most important natural asset: the source area of our main drinking water supply.

To learn why the SCCA is asking the SCRD to terminate the Chapman Expansion project, check out our Chapman Tetrahedron Factsheet.

We hope to see you this Thursday!