March 18, 2008


The details are sketchy as yet but it is apparent that the Sechelt Community Forest has been removed from the Chapman/Gray Community watershed. There are now no logging licencees operating in the community’s main drinking watershed.

Bruce Seifert of the Integrated Land Management Bureau (ILMB), in a presentation to the SC Regional District on March 13, explained that the ILMB is focusing on implementing the New Relationship with First Nations. Toward this purpose, First Nations in this forest district were asked to identify the most contentious areas in their traditional territories. The Sechelts identified the Chapman and Gray watershed situation as one of several major obstacles to land claim settlement. Seifert said that government is moving to put in place interim protections for many of these areas.

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On February 20, 2008 the District of Sechelt Council unanimously adopted a Bylaw to ban the cosmetic use of pesticides.

Sechelt joins over 135 Canadian communities who have adopted similar bans, including Vancouver, West Vancouver, and Gibsons. The District's next task will be to assemble an educational program to help residents move from synthetic pesticides to less toxic or organic products.

The SCCA would like to congratulate Elizabeth McNeill, chair of the Pesticide Committee of the Clean Air Society, and the many volunteers who worked determinedly on this issue for many months.

October 26, 2007
for Immediate Release


A B.C. Supreme Court decision that cleared the way for logging in the Sunshine Coast’s Chapman Creek Watershed is back in the public eye. Daniel Bouman, Executive Director of the Sunshine Coast Conservation Association, announced today that he, along with the other individuals who participated in the B.C. Supreme Court hearings, has filed a Notice of Appeal of the decision in the BC Court of Appeal.

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