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The Town of Gibsons is doing a master plan this summer for all of our Town parks. The first step is a survey. Everyone who uses parks in the Town of Gibsons is invited to fill out the web-based survey and submit it.

Georgia Beach ParkParks are not only recreation and community spaces, but play an important role in sustaining the local environment, and fostering environmental awareness.  The Town currently has about 40 hectares of parkland, some of which encompasses important natural areas such as the Charman Creek Ravine and White Tower Park (a wetland that supports the town's acquifer).

Above: Georgia Beach Park with Keats Island in the background. Photo by Councillor Lee Ann Johnson.

loonieThe coastal waters of Northern BC have been protected since 1972 by a moratorium on oil tanker traffic through the Dixon Entrance, Hecate Strait and Queen Charlotte Sound. This ban is now under threat. Proposed projects from the Alberta tar sands to BC such as the Enbridge and Kinder Morgan pipelines would necessitate tanker traffic on the north coast.

The Dogwood Initiative is among the groups working on raising the public profile of tankers on our coast and exerting pressure to get our politicians to change course. Dogwood Initiative will be launching a new part of their No Tanker campaign in January, with the introduction of a No Tanker Loonie. It involves putting a sticker on a loonie to raise awareness about the campaign and distributing the No Tanker Loonies widely.

Solar Tour

Members of the Gibsons Landing Residents Association toured four residential solar systems on October 19. Here they're standing on the roof of Ivan Tentchoff's home admiring his solar hot water heating system. A solar hot water heating system similar to this will be auctioned off at the SCCA's annual Celebration of Conservation fundraiser on November 22. More details here.

Sunshine Coast residents turned out on September 6 to help musician Simon Collins to film "Eco"--a song inspired by last summer's watershed logging protests--in a clear cut near Trout Lake. Collins is known internationally for his music, but is locally known as the partner of Digital Debbi, freelance videographer. Debbi's videos of watershed controversies have received wide circulation.

Story and photos by Duane Burnett
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