URGENT:  The Sunshine Coast Conservation Association Needs Your Help to do 2 Things:

1.  Stop the SCRD from borrowing $5,000,000 for the Chapman Water Supply Expansion Project until they have proved to regulators and the public that the project won't degrade our drinking water source area.  Sign and submit a Elector Response Form by July 26th.

2.  Help us get a real conversation going about our water supply, before massive spending occurs.

The following information/articles are intended to help inform your decision to oppose the borrowing, and facilitate the conversation about diversification of our water supply.

How to stop the SCRD from borrowing $5,000,000 for the Chapman Water Supply Expansion Project?

The SCRD is seeking taxpayer's permission to borrow $5,000,000 through an Alternative Approval Process (AAP).  If 10% or more electors state their opposition to the AAP, the SCRD may not borrow the money (without proceeding to a vote to get elector's permission).  To defeat the AAP, we need 1,888 elector response forms to be submitted to the SCRD by July 26th.


Here's how you can help ...

1.  First and most importantly, please fill out and submit an Elector Response form.  You can access and print a form here.  The forms must be completely filled out and delivered to the SCRD office at 1975 Field Road (top of Road) in Wilson Creek by July 16th at 4:30 pm.

2.  Ask your neighbours, friends and family to fill out and submit an opposition form.

3.  Share this Call to Action on social media and with your networks.

4.  Write a letter to the SCRD expressing your views on the issue, and send a copy to the editor of the newspaper.

5.  Volunteer to collect elector response signatures at SCCA tables in the malls (Sechelt and Gibsons) on the weekends of July 16/17 and 23/24.  Contact or

The SCCA is also setting up locations where you can pick-up, sign and leave the Elector Response forms for your convenienceAll forms will be picked up from these locations on July 25 and delivered to the SCRD office on July 26:

Gaia's Fair Trade, 287 Gower Point Road
Sechelt:  Sechelt Visitor Centre, 5790 Teredo Steet (in Seaside Centre)
Pender Harbour:  TBA
And at upcoming SCCA Outreach booths:
Sunday, July 10: Halfmoon Bay Country Fair, Coopers Green Park
Tuesday, July 19th: Sunnycrest Mall, Gibsons