The Sunshine Coast Conservation Association is a volunteer association representing over thirty local conservation and community groups, plus individual members dedicated to protecting the biodiversity and integrity of our air, water, forests, and marine environments for all time.

Any resident or organization in the Sunshine Coast/Powell River area that supports our mission statement is welcome to join the SCCA. Our full area of interest is the Sunshine Coast Forest District, which includes 2 million hectares of coastal temperate rain forest.

We pursue our mission through educational outreach to First Nations, regional governments, civic organizations, industrial stakeholders and the general public.

Photographing Skookumchuck Narrows, by Emma DoreOur activities include publishing, researching, public speaking and hosting educational forums. Assisting our member groups in achieving their conservation objectives is an important role of the SCCA, as is assisting other community organizations with their environmental concerns. We are also a watchdog and advocate, holding decision-makers to account when conservation assets are at risk and encouraging government though educational and legal means to follow its own regulations.